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Subject: Off Topic - was: Re[2]: [Leica] intermediate shutter speeds
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 13:25:56 -0500

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     I think you may be in error here. I have used F2's a lot over the 
     years (as have many Luggers, I'm sure), and I seem to recall that in 
     one of the manuals or other guides, reference was made to the ability 
     to use intermediate speed settings.
     Anyone else know more?
     Sorry  for taking this off-topic

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Subject: Re: [Leica] intermediate shutter speeds
Author:  "Don Ferrario" <> at Internet
Date:    7/17/98 12:02 PM

Your old F2 Nikon does NOT work between
speeds.  It is a mechanical shutter with distinct 
speeds only.
The newer electronic shutter cameras (Nikon F3 
and newer) can work on intermediate speeds
but only in auto-exposure mode.  There is no way 
to set intermediate speeds manually.
Some of the even more recent models, with
digital shutter speed displays, can set intermediate 
The M6, being mechanical, of course can not do so.
don ferrario
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From: capitaine francky <> 
Date: Friday, July 17, 1998 9:45 AM
Subject: [Leica] Date: Ven, 17 Jul 98 15:01:39 -0000
>does shutter speed of the M series, like my old F2 nikon, works 
>two speeds value,
>eg : 750 between 500-1000 or 175 between the 125-250 position ? 
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