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Subject: Re: [Leica] ISO push (very very rookie question)
From: (Jim Brick)
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:28:26 -0700

The M4 itself, is not cognizant of ISO. It's how you personally set the
f/stop and shutter for a particular photograph using a particular film. ISO
is a film speed and is used to set light meters so that they will give the
proper exposure for a particular film. If your M4 has a meter on the top,
simply adjust the ISO/ASA/DIN (whatever is says) to a higher value. ISO 100
to 200, DIN 24 to 27, is one stop (push 1.) 100 to 400 (DIN 24 to 30) is a
two stop push. If you are using a separate hand held meter, do the same. If
you are using the information from inside a film box, to boost one stop,
use one higher shutter speed or one smaller f/stop, ei; 1/125 to 1/250 OR
f/8 to f/11 (not both, for one stop). Two stops push should be self
explanatory. Two of either or one of both. You then have to process the
film appropriately. You'll have to process the film yourself (increase the
developer time accordingly) or use a pro/commercial lab and tell them how
many stops you've pushed the film. They'll know what to do. Fuji MS100/1000
film lists the first developer time for various pushes on the film box &

I don't understand the "elevtronically vs. mechanically" statement?


At 05:02 PM 7/17/98 +0200, wrote:
>Sorry for the basic question but I'd just like to know how the heck can I
push up the ISO in my M4... I'm used to do it electronically (Japan...).
But, manually?

Jim Brick
(650) 470-1132