Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/14

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Tele-Elmar-M, 135mm Question
From: "A S Jordan" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 03:35:12 -0500

David in March, 1998  I posted the following message about thre TELE-ELMAR:

Art and all you interested in the 135 f4 Tele-ELMAR. I have the previous
version with the removable lenshead. It is an extremely sharp lens with
versatile applications. As a M lens I think it is ideal for the M6/0.85
because the frame on the M4,5,6 is too small for accurate framing(I often
use it with a separate  shoe-mounted 135mm  Leitz finder). It also serves as
a Viso lens with the 16464 focusing mount, as well as a R lens if you add
the 14167 M-to-R adapter. You can get the older version for about $600 in
mint condition.
However, don't take my recommendation alone for the high quality of this
lens. I have evaluations from Modern and Popular Photography which I outline
(M4-2 review,late 1970s)
Resolution(lpmm at 1:49 magn.)
f        center         corner
4       39               35
5.6    44               39
8       49               54
11     55               49
16     49               44

Contrast( % at 30 lpmm)
f       center          corner
4      38                50
5.6   48                51
8      53                48
11    50                44
16    45                38

- -in field test slides: images very sharp at f4  and even better at f5.6
- -central quality is about same as the one off-axis
- -at f4.5 slight softness and astigmatism become undetectable
- -well-controlled ghosts and flare w/o multicoating
(serial number 2384028, early 70s)
provides graph of % contrast at 50 lpmm
f       center           far edge
4      77                 70
5.6   80                 70
- -graphs at higher f-stops would result in  bunched lines
- -perfect centering;undetectable coma and astigmatism
- -mechanically flawless

Please consider that the Tele-Elmar is an old design. How it compares with
more recent designs of  other manufacturers is best answered by Erwin.
regards, Andrew Jordan