Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/12

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Today's Great Photographers (Values Question)
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 20:16:34 EDT

Ted and LUG members:

Just got your LUG posting on my return from NECCC at Amherst where I got a
stiff dose of the new digital culture now emerging!  

I'd be pleased to provide the Values Profile (HVP-PIV) to the individual you
have cited.  
He should provide me with his snail mail address by email ( and
I'll mail him three pages of 18 items each that he need only rank order from
good to bad:  It is ranking items in  this fashion that allows us to look at
the value structures held by the individual taking the test.  (The instrument
has been scientifically validated) 

Clarification of our Value Vision of LUG Photographers-Research Proposa-
follows.  But first, I sincerely apologize for the number of words needed to
do this in advance!

Happy to learn of your general interest in my "Photographic Value Vision"
project, as I previously outlined on the LUG, in this thread!  It will "fly"
if there are enough LUG members willing to participate and so let's sit back
(well almost**) and see what emerges by way of consensus!     

**How to participate? 

1.  Ted, given your expressed interest in the core values of relatively
successful photographers question; may I suggest  (tentatively at least) that
LUG members nominate LUG photographers they feel have some sort of record of
photographic achievement and that they send their nominations to you via
private email!  

2.  If Ted accumulates a list 20 or more nominations ( the more the better)
we will have a minimal data base with which to proceed to examine the core
value vision of successful photographers.

3.  Ted, our someone he might suggest, I don't wish to take too many liberties
even in this hypothetical outline of procedure, would then, if things get
cooking, send the paper and pencil (3 pages) Value Profile (HVP-PIV ) I would
provide to his snail mail address, out to these individuals,  encouraging them
to participate- on a volunteer and anomynous basis- in a LUG Study of
Photographic Value Vision. Ted, or his agent, would  then collect the results
and batch mail them to me for processing making sure that I
( has only anonymous test results to process!  

4.  As I don't want to be burried with excessive work, but will want to get
out results in a timely fashion to the LUG generally, let me once again
defined by role in this value vision project will be to analyze our batch or
group results and identify how our LUG sample of relatively high photographic
achievers hold values that are in some way unique as compared to the general
population (i.e., college students).  Please note that in this study age and
gender aren't significant significant variables.

I (Leon, will then post the results on the LUG for all.... and it
will be a first!   Nobody has ever examined the core values making up the
"value vision" of relatively "successful photographers" before!   

5.  As an aside, I have data on American doctors, and students from Japan,
Indonesia, Russia, and Mexico, and thus have a base for comparison using this
valuemetric instrument I call the HVP-PIV.  In my report to the LUG however, I
shall focus on American Students Vs. Nominated LUG Photographers, if there is
sufficient interest out there!   (Later, if there is sufficient interest and
time,  I'll make a comparison with our American doctor sample...for
professional comparisons).  

Again, I sincerely apologize or the number of words in this posting.  

But words are now needed to launch this project!   

In fewer words and in summary:   

            .......Ted:  If you think this proposal, or some modification
thereof is ready to fly and if you, or your agent, are willing; why, then,
subject to the response of our community of LUG members and their feedback
....I would appreciate very much if you or your agent would simply invite
interested LUG members to forward to you via private email  the nominations of
LUG members (with email addresses)  they feel merit inclusion in this survey
of The Value Vision of individuals generally regarded as having moderate to
considerable success and recognition in photography. 

                    I'm taking the liberty of posting this as an open message
on the LUG to both inform and drum up interest.  At this point I have no idea
of the level of interest out there....In conclusion, none of us can be
expected to proceed with this LUG research  unless and until we are
sufficiently encouraged by and invited to do so by our LUG companions!  I
trust I haven't made anyone uncomfortable by my value vision in photography
proposal and we shall await the LUG's pleasure!