Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/11

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Does Leica France become bearish ?
From: Pascal <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 14:56:56 +0200

On 11-07-1998 10:07 Dominique PELLISSIER wrote:

>For the first time, Leica France has the price of some ROM R lenses come
>down.The quantity is limited to a few items(5 or 10) as if they want to
>clean the shelves before the kina.
>zoom 105-280:27980 FRF;apo-summicron 2/180:34980;zoom apo-elmarit
>70-180:29980;modular 2.8/280:39980;modular 2.8/400:65980;modular
>(For a non european non resident : divide the price by the AVT (1.206),
>then divide by 6 in order to have the price in USD).
No real surprise here, Dominique.

The lowered price on the Vario-Apo-Elmarit 70-180/2.8 brings the price to 
just about German levels... Nothing more than that.
Also, I noticed that Leica France is offering a 1000 FRF rebate on the 
purchase of a Leica Minilux (through the exchange for any compact 
camera), but this brings the price only down from about 5990 FRF to about 
4990 FRF, again nothing spectacular as that is the new price setting 
after the Minilux Zoom came to market. But if you compare that to German 
prices, that is still too high. In Germany a Minilux can be had for 
around 1100 - 1200 DEM, which is much lower than the French "discounted" 
price of 4990 FRF.
So comparing prices before buying really pays off... Don't forget there 
are no legal or tax problems for EU citizens when buying goods within any 
EU country. And Leica's passport warranty is valid internationally... 
This should put some pressure on some Leica distributors like in Belgium 
that consistently put Leica goods at a higher "suggested retail price" 
than in Germany.

BTW, now that we are at comparing prices, the FNAC superstore in Brussels 
is selling ALL the Leica equipment it currently has in stock at a 10% 
immediate rebate.


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