Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/10

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Rick's Place
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:04:20 -0400

>At 10 Jul 1998 17:50:10 +0200, (Jorge Fernandez) wrote:
>> Since I'd like to travel as light as possible and yet maintain the
>> best quality, should I go for the medium format (only a "normal"
>> lens) or settle on the smaller negative with the versatility of 4
>> lenses(21,35,50,90). The best shots will probably be blown up to 8x10
>> and film is both chrome and b/w for both formats. My Leica images
>> blown to 8x10 rarely look as good as the medium format ones blown to
>> the same size (all else being equal). Any ideas?

	1/ i personally like to travel "extra lite"
	   and focus on the experience and the people
	   i meet.

	   An "absolute minimum" solution could be: Leica + 35mm
	   + 90mm and color negative Kodak Royal GOLD ISO 200, compromise
	   being Ektachrome E200 (I don't like the prints i get
	   with slides, AT ALL, but enjoy my Ektagraphic projector ...).
	   DON'T ever tell us you left the 21mm back home ... !   ;=)

	   [ACTUALLY, I always use ISO 100 and ISO 400/1000 color neg.
	   when travelling, depending on time of day.]

	2/ it really is a matter of what sort of photography
	   you enjoy most:
		- landscapes
		- landmark structures' architectural photography
	        - wildlife subjects
		- "human interest" photography
		- all-out "casual portraiture"

	3/ i refuse to go black and white, but that's me.
	   i respect alternative opinions but color turns me on,
	   especially with the exotic colors i have found abroad.

	   Color negative, such as Kodak 1000 PMZ,
	   for low light or more dynamic shots.

	   Kodak Royal Gold 100 where more definition
	   and true to life color are required.

	4/ obviously, owning a Leica and not taking it on a trip
	   abroad is sort of stupid, if i may be frank here.
	   At least the 35mm and 90mm, but why not the whole
	   thing ? At least, the people who steal it will have
	   a full "kit" .... ;=)

	   Kodachrome 64 or the newer Ektachrome 100sw as basic.
	   (I prefer K64 to K25...)

	   Ektachrome E200 or 320T [with filters] for low light
	   or action photography. Perhaps E400, but i prefer
	   extra-sensitive high speed color negative for such

	5/ Medium format with your favorite color film,
	   type determined by YOUR "style" and experience.

	   Perhaps considering either a 50mm-60mm or a 120mm-150mm-180mm
	   would be appropriate if you ENJOY using your medium
           format camera enough to justify the extra expenditure;
	   to me, 50mm and 120mm seem "natural", as i prefer to
	   be closer to my subjects.

	   In practice, for "tourism", a 35mm system is more
	   "people friendly". If you publish your work or exhibit
	   and derive a lot of satisfaction from this type of
	   photography, medium format is well justified,
	   but the notion of travelling "light" sure goes
	   down the drain and, most often, the "spontaneity"
	   we get with 35mm.

	   Either way, there are ALWAYS shots that will evade
	   you, ...especially while you switch cameras !

	Have a magnificent trip !

	Andre Jean Quintal