Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/06/23

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Anyone wanna talk screw?
From: "Ernest Nitka" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 08:17:56 -0400

>Why not a III screw-mount?  Well as compared to a P/S, I want
>to know what other users think.  What is the film loading like?  Is it a
>nightmare, or does one eventually get the hang of it?  Also I'll be wanting
>a 35mm lens for it.  What's the best one?  Speed isn't a huge feature for
>me, but it would be nice if it performs as well as the slower options.
>What about viewfinders?
> Thanks,
 James - I was reminded this weekend how fun it is to go out with just
my IIIf and collapsible 50 S'cron and take pictures. It is small, relatively
I have the most fun going to antique shows getting pics of stuff ( junk)
with other junk ( stuff) - it's a hoot to be using an antique and knowing
that I'll have
some great shots.  In fact when I got home I was looking over my contact
to decide which BW shot to enter into the Kodak (KINSA) contest and some of
my favorite shots were done with the IIIf.  Now if I only figure out how to
change the
product label on all my Ilford Film to read Kodak ! :)  Oh before i forget
the film loading
isn't too bad - I made a cardboard template to cut the leader back - would
like to get
a real metal one ( ALBON I think - any out there have one to see for less
than my
mortgage payment) - for longer expeditions you would of course pre-cut
rolls of film.  I must be honest that I have stayed away from Slide films
because of
the exacting nature of exposure preferring to go with XP-2 or one of the
color print
films that would give me a printable picture if the exposure is off - I use
a little Gosen Pilot 2
that I take out periodically during the shoot to keep me close on the

Good Luck   Ernie