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Subject: Re: [Leica] Powerful image
From: "Jeff S" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 21:32:00 -0600

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From: Alan Hull <>
>I can understand a spectacular picture, (when you say WOW).  But what
>on earth is a powerful one?
A "powerful image" transcends technical matters of sharpness, bokeh, etc,
though it may rely all for best effect. It provokes an emotional response in
the viewer;  makes you care one way or another about the subject; and when
the response is as the photographer intended, said photographer can feel
very smug indeed. A picture that's merely pretty doesn't do more than please
the eyes briefly, and is quickly forgotten.

I believe a good deal of the reason why Ansel Adams prints (they must be
properly and adequately illuminated!!) are so admired is that the best of
them have a sort of visual richness which draws us into the scene and makes
us feel intensely alive while we're there: Too often, we see the world
vaguely, not because our eyes are bad, but because our mind is elsewhere.

Many powerful images are used for advertising; very good ones can make you
personally identify with a brand  of merchandise :-)