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Subject: Re: [Leica] Color print portrait film
From: Donal Philby <>
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 14:50:24 +0000

Did it once to help a friend.  That was enough!

The 90 will do.  Get a tripod, easier.  If you can move the light off
the camera, better.  You can even go a little closer with the strobe if
output a problem and can go offset a little for more character.  

I would set it for 1/2 stop or 1 stop under, or just test.  Certainly
use neg film.  The 100 SuperG would work.  You might consider a warming
filter for the cool shade and flash.  Like an 81A or B.  Lab can make
adjustments but not worth the trouble for them usually.

Your Canon is probably the easier choice, but what the heck.  Shoot 2-3
frames or don't view through slr if you use it, watch the moment flash
goes off--you can usually see any blink, closed eyes.

A friend of mine used to do cruise ship work and they used M6s so they
could see the blinks of people, even scan a group when they learned to

At least it is a good cause.  I started coaching when my daughters were
5.  And my younger one was first team All American these last two years
at university (Pele presented her her certificate this year in
Cincinatti).  One week to the World Cup (So please a reduction in the
LUG messages--I'll be busy watching the only thing I ever watch on TV.)

- -- 
Donal Philby
San Diego