Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/16

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Subject: [Leica] Q: Comments or observations about the M type 135mm lenses
From: "Aubin, Norman C" <>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 09:50:09 +0100

Greetings folks.

Got a question for you.  As a relative newcomer to the world of M
I'm enjoying it immensely.  And I understand why it excels in the use of

wide angle lenses, and all this talk of Noctiluxes has me drooling.
I never hear much discussion of the 135mm lenses that Leica makes
for this camera.

I realize the small focusing patch and composing frame, along with the 
rangefinder limitations, makes this less then the best camera / lens
combo. . .but with 'eyes' on the f:2.8 lens, and the advent of the M6HM,
should think this lens will have some adherents.

Can anyone comment on the quality and utility of these two lenses; 
that is the f:2.8 and f:4.0?  I'm not really interested in the 4.5
Hektor, unless
you can convince me that it equals or exceeds the current glass.

I'm about to get a new 90mm f:2.8 to compliment my 28 and 50 lenses, but

when photographing an open air play, or a parade or other event where I
get in someone's face, the thought of a 135mm with small DOF to isolate
out a 
face or two seems very appropriate. Its not something I want to do all
the time,
but enough that finding a good lens to keep in the bag might be worth

Thanks for any insights and thoughts you can provide.