Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/07

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Subject: Re: [Leica] PHOTO special Henri Cartier-Bresson (french)
From: Lucien <>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 21:28:21 +0100

At 16:15 29.04.1998 +0200, Lucien wrote:
>There is a "Special Henri Cartier-Bresson PHOTO N 349 Mai 1998"
>(French) in the Press Shops since a few day now.
>It's interesting.

Alf wrote:

>Lucien, I just received my issue - great !  
>I've ordered Photo  because of it's in general 
>fanatastic pictures, and although I don't understand French. 
>[ Besides, I feel the Italian and the 
>French versions as the best available photo journals.]

When I see German magazine, I wish I had learn German!

>P 24-25 show a special Leica ad: an M6-J with HCB's signature. 

>Will you be so kind, please, and give an English summary ? :)
>And: Is there any information, why they also show the IIIg ?

Since his first camera in 1932 until the last M6J, with also 
(en passant ?) the III G wich was announcing the Ms viewfinder
(ouch !, an anachronism) H C-B and the Leica were closely linked.
It's the normal (evident?) that the man who the first used
so wonderfully the Leica, received in Photo the recognition 
from the company, that he helped to become a myth.
With his prefered lens, the 50mm, H C-B made some of the biggest
photographs of the story of the photography.
"I use a 90mm for landscapes because of the foreground,
and sometimes a 35 mm, but I never made photographs with a 135mm"
did he say to Nicole Rubbe from Leica Camera.
H C-B had always a close link with the designers of his cameras.
Today H C-B is using a M6 for portrait of his friends.
He stay faithful to his principle : "the viewfinder is the
more important"

(I'm very sorry about this this poor translation.
Hope it help.)

The Special H C-B M6 will be on auction at Christie's 11/06/98.

Guido Ridoli wrote:

>The ULTRA special camera  M6 HCB is presented with a
>platinum body  and platinum lens Elmar 50/2,8 of course, and
>the body is dressed with leather (Brown) signed 

Lucien wrote on 28/03/98

>On the joined b&w photograph, 
>the camera look more like a M6J 
>with a normal new chrome Elmar 2,8
>with Henri Cartier-Bresso's signature
>and Leica in script on the top cover.
>Number = 22-8-1908 (H.C.B. Birthday)
>= 2.281.908 I presume.