Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] First M system choices
From: "Harrison McClary" <>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 23:03:26 +0000

Isaac Crawford wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions...I came up with my list of lenses by looking
> at what I shoot with now.  My most commonly used lenses now are a 135
> f2.5, 50mm 1.4, and 85mm f1.8 (all Pentax).  I don't use a 35mm right
> now, but it just wouldn't seem right to own an "M" without one...:-)
> Someone suggested going with a 90 instead of the pocketbook
> would thank me (I think), but can the 90 compete with the 75 optically?
> I'll probobly end up going with an M6HM, because I really do plan on
> using the 135 and 90 (75?) quite often...but I also want to be able to
> use the 35 whenever I can...  


One thing to keep in mind as you are making the decision on which 
lenses to buy, things are different on the rangefinder than on the 

In my personal experience I have found I like focal lengths on the M6 
that I never really liked on my SLR gear, and I dis-like lengths on 
the M6 that I love on my R.

For example I have the current 28 elmarit on my M6 and almost never 
take it off the camera.  I love this lens on this camera.  I have 
never liked the 28mm length and was very hesitant to buy it on the 
M6, but wanted a wide and did not want the external finder, hence the 
28.  The current lens is an outstanding lens, and is IMO the best 
Leica lens I own.

I also have the 90 tele-elmarit on the M6 and really don't like it 
very much.  I hardly ever use this lens on the M6.  Nothing against 
it optically,it shoots great photos, but the 90 length just doesn't 
work on the M6.  IMO.  I use my 90 summicron on my R8/6 all of the 
time and it is one of my favorite lengths, so I was surprised to find 
that I did not like it on the M6.  I am thinking of trading my 90 
towards a good clean 50 summilux, if anyone is interested.

You may want to get the M6 and one lens, maybe a 28, 35, or 50 and 
see how you like it and use the preview lever to see how the frame 
lines work to show the different focal lengths, this may help you 
decide which lenses to get next.

Good Luck.
Harrison McClary