Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/03

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Flash and R8
From: Jeff Alford <>
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 18:44:37 -0700

When you attached the SCA 3501 to the 40MZ3 did you remove the spacer?

Jeff Alford

SP wrote:

> Vahan: No, the Metz 40MZ-3 does not work attached directly to the
> SCA3501 and my R8. Additionally, in that scenario as well as in the
> scenario using the SCA3007A etc there is no display in either the R8
> viewfinder or the small window on the rear of the R8 to indicate
> acknowledgement of a flash unit. Do you suspect the 3501 is faulty or
> the R8 is a dud? In advance, thanks much, much much!
> Vahan D. Shahinian wrote:
> >
> > The SCA3007A is similar to the SCA3000A in that it is powered by the
> > batteries in the flash unit. I'm not sure what you expect to light up on the
> > SCA3501. The small red exposure compensation LED on the 3501 will only
> > illuminate if the single position switch on the 3501 is on and the R8 is not
> > set to modes P or F. As you would expect, the autofocus assist lamp on the
> > SCA3007A does not function with the R8. Of course the flash should fire even
> > without exposure compensation.
> >
> > Does the flash unit work correctly with the 40MZ-3 attached directly to the
> > SCA3501 and the R8?
> >
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> > Subject: [Leica] Flash and R8
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> > I bought a Stroboframe for mounting my R8 and new METZ 40MZ-3...