Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/02

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Red Beans and Rice
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 08:19:20 +0100

>I'm a petite young female who often travels alone to remote areas and big
>foreign cities.  If someone steals my camera, they have had something
>catch their eye (who knows, maybe it's my cute self! :) )

Hi Georgette,

I bet it's your (maybe it's my cute self!) :) that catches their eye! :)

<<<<<<<<But minimizing the bait means minimizing the chance that they'll
steal the camera and the sack of exposed film...without those two, no
amount of insurance money will recapture my pictures or make it up to

This is true for all of us who travel with our cameras, whether in our own
country or abroad. We try to keep the "obvious I'm a photographer with lots
of goodies to steal image" to a bare minimum.

>I also will never sell my cameras so having an esthetically-unattractive
>camera is not a disadvantage to me.  Instead, it's a benefit... you might
>think very few people know what a Leica is but you are sadly mistaken.>>>

I'm not going to completely disagree with you regarding whether the general
public, thief or otherwise knows the Leica is a valuable camera or not.
Obviously some folks do recognize it as a valuable commodity, but then
they'd know that a Canon or Nikon or any other of the whiz bang looking
cameras are worth stealing.

Covering the "red dot" with tape will hardly change the mind of a thief
bent on stealing your camera, whether P&S or Leica. I've some experience of
travelling on assignments about the world for many years and have carried
Leicas to many unkindly places without taping anything. Just been very

As it you have been in taking care to "cover yourself!!!!!"

<<<<I attempt to look as poor as possible when traveling-->>>>>>>

(yes, in Managua and Guatemala City and Mogadishu, there *are* thieves who
can ID those as 'cash cows.')>>>>>

Not to mention the supposed "civilized countries" of the world. The only
camera gear I've lost to thieves has been in two civilized countries...the
US and Canada!..:) So the 'bad guys" aren't always in third world countries
as some folks may think.:)

<<<<<I carry my camera across my body or held in my hand below waist level,
behind a leg... my extra goodies are in a ratty old Army knapsack.
Anything that makes my camera look like it's _any_ kind of name brand will
guaranteed attract the attention of the twelve-yr old snatch-and-grab kids
(who may not know it's a Leica, but know it will probably get them $20-50
from whoever!) >>

All wise moves to cover your gear. But the one point you made that says it
all in relation to getting ripped off,

<<< the twelve-yr old snatch-and-grab kids (who may not know it's a Leica,
but know it will probably get them $20-50 from whoever!)>>>

And covering the red dot with these lads wont save your camera! All they
see is a "Camera" and they know they can get money for it. Which leads me
to say, "I've never taped the dots or anything else in 45 years of
travelling here to there and back. And good fortunately have never lost
anything in third world countries.

As far as getting ripped off in the US, I would have had to have the camera
taped to my leg to save it. And the B&E into my car in Canada, I would have
(should have had) a very loud alarm system installed. I do now!!!!! :)

It seems you're making the right "protective moves" while travelling, so I
guess if you keep doing what you are doing with or with out taping the red
dot you'll be OK. If you feel more comfortable with the tape in place, I
guess, go for it.

Personally I don't believe it makes a wit of a difference to a 12 year old
bent on stealing something from you.