Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/01

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Off topic: Sports Cars & Computers
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 10:27:22 -0400

But Eric, your work product tells the world that you are a
photo-journalist. The red dot only tells the world that you use extremely
expensive equipment - the value of which can be protected somewhat with
extremely cheap, easilly removeable or replacable, electrical tape. :-)

B. D.

At 09:37 PM 4/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 05:24 PM 4/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Steve Jobs miniaturized it,
>>And Bill Gates is happy?
>Not this week. 
>We, on the other hand, do live with a true original. My M6 goes with me
>every day. With a name on it (that I don't tape over for historical
>reasons) that embodies photojournalism, candid photography, and just plain
>It's the use, not the argument factor (mine's better than yours, and it's
>ever better than what I had last week) that makes owning Leica worthwhile. 
>Kind of like Bill Gates' Porsche 959 Gruppe B, only we get to use our toys.
>Eric Welch
>St. Joseph, MO
>God is REAL, unless explicitly declared INTEGER.