Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/04/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] V35 and British Sports Cars
From: Dave Munroe <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:31:18 -0700

Jim Brick wrote:

> Sorry Marc, there is NOTHING as cantankerous as an old British
> Sports car.

I'm not so sure about new ones either.  As an Esprit owner for
almost ten years now, the old adage is true that the good thing
about owning a Lotus is that every drive is an adventure and the
bad thing about owning a Lotus is that every drive is an adventure.

I budget about $2500 every year for maintenance.  In recent
memory I've had the following "adventures":

	- Coolant hose separated from the remote (!)
	  thermostat, dumping all my coolant; fortunately,
	  I was less than a mile from my garage.  I have
	  a Rest of World (RoW) car rather than a Federal
	  or Domestic (UK), and only the RoW cars have this
	  nasty remote thermostat.

	- Coolant hose separated again, this time while on
	  the track at PIR.  By the way, for those not
	  familiar with how inaccessible everything is,
	  getting to and fixing this problem takes five (5)

	- I spent $2000 getting the car ready for our club's
	  trip from Portland down to Monterey for the 1995
	  International Lotus Convention (marque of honor at
	  Laguna Seca was Lotus).  On the very morning our
	  club was to leave, my throttle cable breaks while
	  the car is still in the garage!  No spares and
	  everyone is anxious to get going.  Had to take my
	  daily driver down to Monterey instead.  I am still
	  upset about that.

	- A few years ago the throwout bearing disintegrated
	  (no, I don't ride the clutch or hold it in at stops).
	  Driving without a clutch is possible, but starting
	  from a stop without one is not a pleasant experience.

Still, I can't bring myself to sell it.  As the Colin Chapman
himself said, "of course they break, that's all part of Lotus

ObLeica: haven't photographed the car with a Leica yet.

- -Dave