Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/04/26

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Noctilux - Rational lens??
From: "Guido Ridoli" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 10:42:52 +0200

Dear LUGer
Try some rolls (not only some shoots ) at available light
with the King Noctilux.
You will discover a new kind  of pictures, new out of focus
effecs , and colour effects too. You will discover how to
use a light fall-off to make clear you subject. Than compare
the King's photo with another fast lens (please not Canon
one!!!) for example the fantastic Slux 50/1,4. You will
taste the flavour of Noctilux pictures that are incomparable
( f/1 of course ).
You will find the Spirit Of Darkness.

It's my opinion.

      Guido Ridoli
  LEICA M superfan

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Da: Chris Bitmead <>
Data: domenica 26 aprile 1998 9.25
Oggetto: [Leica] Re: Noctilux - Rational lens??

|> >Donald, I appreciated reading your report on the
Noctilux.  I have been
|> >wondering whether to get one.  It seems like a very
unusual lens with unique
|> >characteristics.  Erwin's report also notes unique
characteristics.  It
|> sounds
|> >like a worthwhile lens.
|> You may want to wait and get the issue of Photo
Techniques that will have
|> Erwin's article "King of the NIght: The Special Qualities
of the Leica
|> Noctilux-M".  Before he left, MIke Johnston said it would
be coming out
|> soon.  I love my Noctilux and use it more and more.  At
the LHSA meeting in
|> Charleston, I photographed some street scenes at night
that could not have
|> been made without the Noctilux.  It has its drawbacks,
but the advantages
|> outweigh them for me.  Tina
|I can't fully understand the desire for a Noctilux.
Admittedly I
|havn't used a Leica yet (so I'm still trying to get "it"),
but I
|have used a Canon 50mm f/1.0. I thought the idea of a Leica
|camera is small, light(ish) and discreet. So what is the
|putting a huge lens on it that is heavier than the camera?
|The Canon 50/1 on the lightest body would be about 5%
|but you get hardly any light fall-off, no tempermental
|ALL your shots seem to turn out fine, much closer focusing
|distance, cheaper price, SLR focusing (which is desirable
|such a wide aperture), AF, and it produces its own brand of
|fascinating bokeh at f1.0, but I can't personally compare
it to
|the Leica variety.
|Are you Noctilux owners in love with this lens or with
f/1.0? It
|sounds like f1.0, which I can understand but not with all
|light fall-off....