Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/03/08

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica M vs. R lenses thought
From: ted grant <>
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 23:00:01 -0500

Eric wrote:

<<<<I've heard more photojournalists speak favorably about Leica, since the
R8 came out, who knows>>>>>>

<<<<and what Canon IS doing to cameras. They're getting too complex.
Getting in the way of shooting. Maybe amateurs need, or more likely want,
all those dials, modes, settings and custom functions.>>>>>


This is what I feel has happened with the technology in the cameras as far
as pro use. There are so many things built in, that you have to be a damn
wizard to to figure them out let alone remember all this attention draining
stuff from your picture taking.

Do we take any better pictures today because  here is auto everything? I'm
talking about the images we see and record on film that we would have done
even if we were using fully manual cameras. ie: the M6 is manual and my
pictures with it are the same as with the R8 or when I had to use the EOS

The bells and whistles are basically money makers for the manufacturers and
attention getters for the techno freaks and amateurs to get hood winked by.
Much like driving automatic or standard shift cars. Are you a better driver
because your "car" does it automatically? And are you a lousy driver if you
drive manual? 

It comes down to basically some convenience, ie: auto focus. But not an
absolute necessity. Auto-exposure, hey where is it on the M6?

I think if the manufacturers stopped diddling with trying to out do each
other with the internal toys and got down to building cameras like the
Leica with everything built around quality then everyone would gain. 

I think as soon as the motor is available for the R8 you are going to see
an even bigger jump by news photogs and photojournalists to the R8 than has
already occurred.

When I hear associates saying they don't always use auto-focus or they set
the camera on "P" and shoot everything as though it was a box camera I have
to wonder, "What the hell is the big deal with the super whiz bang gizmos
that Canon are trying to tell us we need to become better photographers?"

What don't they understand in, "Make the camera better and simple! And
we'll buy !"