Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/02/04

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Subject: [Leica] Replacement R35mm f2 flawed as well!
From: ted grant <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:51:43 -0500

Pete Meyers wrote:

<<<I must say that I am crushed. Tonight, it makes me consider the
possiblity of selling my R8 and leaving Leica. Granted the lenses are the
best I have ever seen, but>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<Perhaps I am just extremely unlucky! What do you think?>>>>>>>>

G'day Pete,

My first reaction is to pick-up the phone and scream bloody murder at Roger

Second re-action --- that accomplishes nothing but blowing off steam and
makes you look like some blithering out of control idiot at the other end
of his phone. You might feel better, but it's a waste of your mental

However, I would pick-up the phone and speak to one of two people at Leica
in NJ: Roger Horn, President or Brian Bell, National Sales manager.

Rationally explain this has happened again and exactly what it was and if
you have a name of whomever promised they'd hand inspect the newest lens
before sending it out is helpful.  Then I'd ask that you expect them to
send you a new lens to-day (at their expense-they would) which was examined
by Ernst Hartmann, their head technical man personally for "any defects
anywhere" and in particular on the glass.

There isn't any excuse for this in Leica lenses at all and the obvious
problem goes all the way back to Germany.  You could send an E-mail
directly to Germany telling them what happened. If you still have the
serial number of the first lens handy, I'd be sure to use it and the number
of this recent one.  

It wouldn't do any harm as they need to know we are having problems like
this out here in the cold cruel world.  Each time something happens like
this the image of the "Leica Quality as best in the world!" drops a notch.

Don't dispare, I feel you just happened to get unlucky twice. The curcial
thing is that you have another one sent air - express to-day.

When this happens to any Leica owner it is a major calamity, considering
what we pay for the gear.  But when it happens to someone earning their
living it can very well be double devastating.

Please keep us abreast of what occurs. Just remember going ballistic
doesn't accomplish anything at any time for anything,  but get your blood
pressure up.  And nobody else can feel that nor are they effected!

Stay cool, just because their inability to organize quality control
correctly should'nt be your undoing mentally and physically! The trick is
to make them feel really really bad, whilst you remain calm. cool and
sounding like they'll die immeditaly if they don't correct it! :)

I'm sure you've heard this more than once..."Don't get mad, Get even!" :)