Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/01/23

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Subject: Re: [Leica] M viewfinder considerations
From: Steve Echols <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 98 12:05:53 -0800

>I have a couple of  M6 bodies with a .85 viewfinder installed (custom jobs
>I had done a few months ago, using the existing M6J finder). The increased
>viewing magnification is wonderful - especially since it seems to me that
>since photography is about capturing things you SEE, anything you can do to
>help SEE bigger and clearer is a plus. In fact, with this finder, you've
>got the only 35mm camera that shows you higher viewfinder magnification
>than even what the lens is recording on film (the 35mm on-film image
>magnification is not .85x life-size). Also, focussing is about 20% more
>accurate than the regular M6. You'll also get a benefit if you use one of
>those 21mm goggle-adapted lenses made by Reinhold Mueller.
>However, there is some truth to what you say about the way the frames crowd
>the edges of the finder - at .85 the relationship between the finder limits
>and the 35mm framelines is about the same as the 28mm lines in the regular
>M6. I've stopped wearing glasses and switched to contact lenses to
>alleviate the "problem."  Another small improvement was to have the 135mm
>framelines removed (use SLRs for that length, even Leica has admitted this
>is at the limit of their RF system), so I just see one frameline at a time,
>no more pairs (the curse of all Leicas post-M4P).
>Extra benefits include a much nicer 50mm frameline (still not M3, but very
>good) and a very usable 90mm frameline - I just can't enjoy using a 90mm on
>a regular M6.
>The new factory .85 camera will also have the 75mm framelines, but only in
>tandem with the 50mm. So what could be a great camera with the 75mm is a
>little spoiled by the double frames. I suppose you could have TWO camera -
>one without the 50mm lines so you can use your 75, and one without 75 lines
>so you can use your 50. But this is getting expensive. You'll probably
>still want a regular M6 for your 28mm.
>If anyone wants a .85-equipped M6 I'd part with one of mine. Lemme know.

Do you know the comparison of the M4-2 35mm frame  eye relief is compared
to the m6?
I can just barely see the 35mm frame with my glasses on the M4-2, and my
astigmatism makes contacts difficult.
thanks   Steve