Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/01/19

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Subject: [Leica] That 'grit' thing
From: Myers Pete <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 03:57:10 EST

Hi LUGnuts:

Since, I started this thread, I am going to say my peace again. I hate to go
against the grain, but I do not find the stock R8 viewfinder and screen combo
brighter nor smoother the the Canon 1N laser matte screen. I shot the 1N for a
number of years. I, like Ted, am addicted to the Leica Optics - even though I
am a newbie at it. I too am glad to hear the winder is on the way.

I was a consultant in special projects engineering to NASA for about twelve
years, so I kind of look at my camera as a 'work in progress' and seek ways to
get it to the point that I feel the most comfortable with it when shooting in
the field. Obviously, every one has their own tastes in what they want. But
for me, I want a much smoother and less 'grity' screen and a much brighter one
then Leica has right now. Focusing aides are important to me in shooting with
wide lenses. But, that is just my 'cupoftea'.

Why I brought this up in the first place is that I am out experimenting with
the screens to see if I can get to a different if not better point. The first
thing I did was ordered some Leica screens and had Bill Maxwell 'coat' or
treat them for brightness. The one part of my experiment that I can say was a
true success was in this part of the experiment. The screens are now as bright
as the laser matte screens in my 1N. That part seems solved.

However, the 'grit' did not go away. So, I am going to plan B. I am looking
for 'donor' screens from other camera systems to use. I could use a laser
matte screen from a 1N straight away, but I would not have any focusing aides.
So, I am investigating seeing if the screen in the Leicaflex SL is removable
and about the size needed to adapt to the R8.

This is all just my little corner of the world that I am experimenting with.
Perhaps it is of no interest or use to others, but it is to me. I thought I
would report in on the project as it goes along as perhaps others might find
some of the solutions a help. 

For example, if you think the screen is less bright, as bright or brighter
then the Canon 1N or F5, I can say that you will be quite shocked at how much
brighter it will be if you have Maxwell Precision Optics treat the screen
(404-244-0095). I have no interest in Maxwell and report this as a resource

My advice if you are an R8 owner is to have your screen treated as a minimum.
It will shock you how much better this simple step will further improve the
view finder image.

The grit and the rest of the story are still going along. As soon as I have
something else to report, I will do so.

In any regard, ultimately it gets down to what you aim the camera at anyway. I
just find a bright and smooth viewfinder to be a help in the aiming.

Pete Myers