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Subject: Re: 2nd M body
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 97 08:24:02 PST

     Hi Carl,
      Why do you mention that the best choice is the later M4-P (158xxxx 
     and higher)?  What is wrong with the M4-P with the serial number below 

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Subject: 2nd M body
Author: at Internetmail
Date:    11/22/97 1:08 PM

From: "Ferdinand U. LuDo" <> 
Subject: 2nd M body
>"Can anyone here care to comment on what would be a good 2nd body for the M6 
other than an M6 ? I'm thinking of an M2, M4. However the M4 seems steep and 
its price is nearing that of a mint M6."
Your best choice is a clean, later model (#158xxx and higher) M4-P. Prices 
range from $600 (user) to $1,200 (collector). They are more sturdy than a 
M4-2, easy to repair and the viewfinder matches the M6. My M4-P , a second 
body to the M6, accompanies me with a 35 or 50 Summicron and clip-on MR 
Second bodies are great for experimenting with different films at your 
convenience. Enjoy!
Carl Muhlstein
P.S. On the lookout for a clean used Noctilux. Private email.