Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/23

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Subject: Re: plastic in M6?
From: Tony Chang <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 08:19:35 +0800

At 11:01 AM 11/23/97 +0100, you wrote:
>>M3 is also my 2nd body.  Holding a M3 feels like holding a big chunk of
>>steel.  M6 has too much plastic in it.  The good thing about M6 is its
>>meter.  In a situation where light does not change much I would always use
>>M3 than M6.
>The weight of a M3 (body) is 595 grams, of a M4P: 545 grams and of an M6:
>560 grams.There are indeed some small details in an M6 that are
>non-metal.With the help of a skilled Leica-trained mechanic I dismatled a
>M3 and a M6. Almost all parts are identical or very similar. You can also
>use lighter weight metals with as much strength to replace heavier parts. I
>also use an M6 and M3 in parallel. But changing from one to the other gives
>me hardly any different feel.

To be more specific why I like M3 more than M6:
1.  Rewind knob
Everytime when I rewind the film on M6, I would be afraid that I would
break the knob
especially when I have to input much force at the end of rewinding..  On
the other hand, I never have to worry about this thing on M3.

2.  Film Transport Lever
The lever on M3 gives me a much solid feeling than M6 lever.

Above complaints may be my personal problems.  Anybody out there feel the
same way 
as I do?

Best regards,
Tony Chang