Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/23

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Subject: Re: M6 range finder w/ lens longer than 75mm??
From: John Servais <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 97 14:31:01 -0800

Art Searle wrote:

> Years ago, in a previous Leica
>>experience, I don't remember any problems focusing my 90mm M lens.  What
>>does LUG have to say?

Marc Small replies:
>It sort of depends on the user.  I don't have any problems shooting with
>135mm lenses, but others do:  for that matter, I don't have problems with
>focusing or framing with my 4/135 Elmar or Tele-Elmar, but, again, others

With a rangefinder, there should be no difference focusing on a given 
object regardless of which lens is attached - be it a 35, 50, 90 or 135.  
Granted, I use only my M3.  Is the M6 different in some manner?  I'm 
perplexed by the assertion - or implication - that focusing is more 
difficult with a 135 mm lens than it is with a shorter lens such as a 75 
or 90. 

Do some find more trouble focusing with a 135 than with a 90?  How?   
Granted, the mechanics of a longer lens are different, but in the 
viewfinder there is the same process happening before one's eye 
regardless of the lens.  Similar to Marc, I have no more problem focusing 
or framing with my 135 mm Hector than with the shorter lenses.  This is 
one of the beauties of RF.  

John Servais
Bellingham, WA