Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/22

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Subject: Re: IIIf help (was Ricoh 28 mm LTM Lens)
From: (Ken Wilcox)
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 10:59:49 -0500

The IIIf is indeed a great available light camera. The 1.5X magnification
of the rangefinder makes focusing in near darkness easy. (Much easier than
a R camera and easier also than an M)

If your lens is a Summaron, it is likely that is a 35mm lens. The 50s that
were made in LTM are Elmars, Summars, Xenons, Summarits, Summitars and
Summicrons. (Am I missing any?) Look at the front ring of you lens for the
focal length.

I use my IIIf extensively and would be happy to help you out with any
questions about yours.


>Hi Paul
>Im Gary
>Was browsing thru and had my interest peaked by your mention of a
>(Konica)'90s lens that would fit a screw mount Leica...hmmm are we speaking
>reality or just what ifs...?
>I recently became an IIIf owner and, well ..?
>...and anyone out there with a rounded experience with the IIIfs? Id like to
>hear from you about its understanding is that its a great
>available light camera.. also Im a bit confused about the lens.. its marked a
>Summaron... I see a lot of talk about Summacrons ... whats the difference?

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