Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/10

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Subject: Re: Off topic -- digital
From: Paul Schliesser <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 97 22:26:16 -0400

>>would not the ideal be to do high res scans, manipulate in Photoshop and
>>then output to large format BW negative, then go into the darkroom and
>>create magic.
>I don't think so, since we're talking ideal. I'm of the belief that the
>digital process just can't match the chemical process yet, and because of
>the refined nature of the best black and white materials, it's going to be
>some time before that's going to change. I have yet to use a scanner (best
>$17,000) and output device (Kodak dye sub printer $8,000 or Tektronix
>Phaser at $16,000) to even come close to TMax 400 or 100 or Delta 100,
>Oriental Seagull VC fiber paper and a V35 enlarger. Maybe I'm just not
>working with big enough files. But I don't think any dye-sub printer or
>paper is good enough, yet.


He wasn't talking about going to a dye-dub printer; he was talking about 
going back to film, via a film recorder. Going this route, you will get 
results that are spectacularly better than what you would get in any 
other digital process. The quality of this technology has gotten 
extremely high; many movies (even those in 70mm) undergo digitally 
processing frame-by-frame and are then recorded back on film.

- - Paul