Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/05

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Subject: Leica logo
From: ted grant <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:37:24 -0500

Alastair wrote:

<<< and I've removed the dreaded red dot for an M6 with 35 asph ;-)

Alastair my friend,

Don't give it a second thought! What this confirms is they aren't bright
enough to understand that it is a form of free advertising. Actually
advertising they can't afford to buy!

We on the LUG are the best group world wide, that Leica can have as free
promotion for their products. Each time they give somebody a hard time,
even though legally, it costs them heart bound followers of the Leica.

We know it is the be all to end all of cameras, because we use them. What
Leica in Solms needs to understand is, that the folks in this users group
are the best allies they can have.  Main point is, it doesn't cost Leica
one pfenning!

So when someone like yourself, with no financial or business gain to
create, uses the Leica logo in an absolutely positive fashion, one would
think they'd be only too glad for the help of recognition.

I know this isn't a legal way of looking at it, but it also represents that
the legal system rules in Germany, as it does in North America! Hell, no
one takes the honour of a hand shake any more! :(

Sorry guys off subject, but I bet the guy that wrote to you doesn't own a
Leica M6! :)