Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/05

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Subject: Re: Meterless shooting
From: (BBAIN)
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 13:01:28 -0500

     Eric wrote in response to my initial comment about "mindless 
          Mindless reliance on a meter is bad. That's the people who simply 
          spin the dials until everything lines up. But I would suspect 
          that many Leica users are past this point and the fact that Leica 
          has multiple metering options in the R cameras and a semi-spot in 
          the M6 means that mindless doesn't work so well. But on the other 
          hand, anybody who thinks they can do better without a meter is 
          fooling themselves. Knowledge combined with a meter (reflective 
          is more accurate in the hands of a person who knows what they're 
          doing, incident is faster and more appropriate for down-and-dirty 
          quick shooting) is the best combination of all. In camera or in 
     I certainly didn't intend to insult the abilities of anyone on the 
     list!  At the time that I was "meterless", the other camera in the 
     house was an Olympus OM-2 and I confess that while exposure automation 
     sounds like a good idea, I found that I wasn't paying enough attention 
     to the light because "the camera will get it."  I found that the 
     discipline of having to pay attention because there was no 
     technological backup improved my skills.  I quite agree that meters 
     are better, but was merely suggesting that going meterless as an 
     exercise was useful.
     Bill Bain