Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/03

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Subject: Re: "De-meterizing myself"
From: (Martin Davidson)
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 01:25:09 GMT

A good non-meter based exposure guide (apart from the excellent one in  =20
the Kodak Professional Photoguide, available from Amazon.Com) can be  =20
obtained on the following web-site  =20

But the sunny 16 rule is a good one.  Set your speed to that of your  =20
film.  Then the aperture at, f/16 if it is very sunny.  Open up a stop  =20
for every degree your light is worse than this.  Sunny, but with clouds  =
around, f/11; more clouds than sun, f/8; open shade f/5.6 (this is a very=
common North European climatic condition!!); closed shade f/4, and so on.

Things get harder after this, but the two guides I referred to, offer  =20
very useful guidelines -- even for those with their own meters!

Best of luck.

Martin Davidson

Gabe Sachs wrote:

> Hello there.  Everyone has been so helpful here,  so now help me solve
> something.  I love my M6 and I love my IIIF.  Does anyone have a
> shortcut or a simple formula to calculate exposure without depending on

> a meter.  I want to just take my IIIF and shoot without a meter.  Are
> there any home made guidelines that anyone out there uses or should I
> just get out there and shoot a bunch of rolls and guesstimate all the
> way.

> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Gabe

The table below is slightly modified from an old Modern Photography
special edition, Photo Information Almanac, which cited it from a Kodak
puplication. You should consider the settings as starting points; i.e.

the "people by bonfire" either underexposes  by 2 stops or Kodak's
writing staff make even bigger bonfires than we Brazillians :) .
I hope it helps.
    ISO 64  ISO 100      ISO 400
Lighted street   1/30s f:1,4 1/3 1/30s f:2    1/60s f:2,8
Neon signs   1/30s f:2,8 1/3 1/30s f:4    1/60s f:5,6
Shop windows   1/30s f:2 1/3 1/30s f:2,8  1/60s f:4
People by streetlights  1/4s f:1,4 1/3 1/4s f:2     1/15s f:2
Fountains, monuments  1s f:2,8 1/3 1s f:4      1/4s f:4
City Horizon   4s f:2 1/3 4s f:2,8     1s f:2,8
Horizon 10 min after sunset 1/30s f:2,8 1/3 1/30s f:4    1/60s f:5,6
Amusement park   1/15s f:1,4 1/3 1/15s f:2    1/60s f:2
Fireworks   B f:5,6 1/3 B f:8      B f:16
Rel=E2mpagos   B f:4 1/3 B f:5,6      B f:11
People by bonfires  1/8s f:1,4 1/3 1/8s f:2     1/30s f:2
Indoor playing courts  1/30s f:2 1/3 1/30s f:2,8  1/60s f:4
Moonscape   30s f:1,4 1/3 30s f:2      30s f:4