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Subject: Re: Mozart & AA
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 01:22:00 -0800

At 09:51 AM 11/2/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Marc wrote:
>>Neither Mozart ....ever had one pfennig of government support.  
>This is simply not true Marc. A simple look at Mozart's life (and almost
>every artist until that time) could show you exactly the contrary.
>Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, like his father Leopold, worked at the court of
>the Prince-Archibishop Hieronymus von Colloredo between 1772 and 1781:he
>was the Konzertmeister (150 guilden/year from the government) in charge
>to compose sacred operas and pieces (and he succeeded). His father was
>vice-Kapellmeister at the same court, paied by the same government.
>The same happened in Wien, after 1781. He was an employee of the
>austrian government and received a salary until his death. He also
>fighted with Antonio Salieri to be the Kammercompositeur of the Court.
>Of course, while in Wien, he had other sources, including private
>lessons to several "scholaren" and private commissions (the Requiem is
>among these).
>Until Beethoven no one artist (including Michelangelo, Giotto, Dante)
>could survive without government's funds. This is absolutely not to say
>today Goverments have to support art, just to point out history.
>The problem is that, at that time, the state's organization and power's
>conception was so different that it's hard to make a comparison without
>being aware of the general history's frame.
>Anyway, beginning with the greek culture, art has always been considered
>the "soul" of the people and the highest expression of the human
>civilization, expressing something more than merely an emotion.
>At least until early the present century.

I always wanted to know this stuff about Mozart. Did he play a Leica piano?
Since Ansel Adams was a concert pianist, maybe he also played a Leica
piano. And perhaps an 8x10 Ansco piano for the really big concerts. Black
piano, White tux, need N-2 (that's the middle pedal). But if the volume was
too high, a good Pyro formula will hold it all together. I hear Steinway
makes a great camera. But Yamaha is getting good press. When you take a
picture with a Steinway, it goes "schnappens" and when you take a picture
with a Yamaha, it goes "crick".

Good night. Maybe tomorrow will be another day.