Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/01

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Subject: Re: Roll Call
From: "dbledsoe" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 23:02:02 -0700

Don Bledsoe
Age: 49
Ed: BS Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Director, Quality Assurance: MK Environmental
US Army, 20 years active and reserves, Retired
Married: To the love of my life for 23 years, 2 children
Home: Idaho (USA)

Sorry but I have no tails of my professional photo adventures, portfolio,
books published, newspapers worked for, etc.  In fact I consider myself a
"not to good" amateur photographer but I enjoy what I accomplish, perhaps
just as much as the seasoned pros here.  Most of all though, I simply enjoy
Leicas and Leica photography, which is what brought me to the "group."  

I Currently have an M6, M3, M2, IIIg, IIIf, & Standard (E).  Lenses are: 50
Summicron, Summitar, Summarit, Jupiter, Elmar, & Hektor; 90 Elmar-C; 135
Tele-Elmar, Elmarit, & Hektor; 35 Summarons & Elmars and, 28mm f/3.5 Canon
LTM.  I mostly enjoy making my "not to good" photographs with the older
Leicas and lenses using color print film and Kodak TM400CN.  I do not
develop my own film and, at this point in life, have no desire to do so.  I
have, on rare occasion, been observed using a Canon EOS.


Astronomy.  Like a number of other LUGgers I have several telescopes and
the beauty of the night sky.

Long range (Fullbore) competitive target rifle shooting (600 to 1000
yards).  I travel the western US frequently attending different long range
events.  Someday hope to make the US Palma Team.  Also hope to go to South
Africa in 1999 to shoot as an independent at the 1999 International Palma

Riding Harley Davidson motorcycles (built my first one 25 years ago from a
blown up engine I bought so this isn't a yuppie/trendy thing for me).

I hate yard work.