Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/30

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Subject: Re: Roll call
From: (Barney Quinn)
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 97 06:08:58 -0500

My name is Barney Quinn. I'm 54, and married. My wife's name is
Judy. She shares her three children with me. They're Elizabeth, Fred,
and Alex. A PhD, FBI agnet, and physician.

Attended Syracuse University. Have a BS and MS is Communications.

Worked at WRVR in New York in the late sixties. Came to Washington in
the early seventies to be part of the gang which helped to get
National Public Radio going. Over the years there I lent a hand with
All THings Considered, Options, and Morning Edition. Changed careers
in the early eighties, and got into the computer business. Just now I
am working at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, where
I help manage the System Engineering group.

Fell in love with photography when my dad gave me a camera during my
junior high school days. Have been going at it since. Mostly I do
landscapes, and close ups of flowers, something I got into because my
wife is a world class gardener. I'm an avid amateur who loves to make
beautiful images which make people go "Ahhh..."

2 Leica IIIc's, a IIIf, and a Canon 7s with 50, 90 and 135 mm lenses.
MC with 40 and 50 mm f2 summicrons. Also have an F3 with a 35 to 70 mm
f2.8 zoom. For medium format I use a rollei 2.8d, a rollei 3.5e, and
an rb67 with 65, 127, and 180mm lenses. Large format stuff includes a
Bender 4x5 which I had a great time building, and a Wisner Traditional
with 90 and 150 mm Schneider Glass. 

Each year I give myself some kind of creative project. This helps me
keep a sense of direction. I bought the M6 because this year's plan is
to expolre the Leica experience first hand in an effore to find out
what's real and what's hype. It's been quite interesting. As part of
this undertaking I want to do informal portraits of everyone in my
life, and I hope these images end up saying something about the
importance of these relationships to me. This is going to take some
study and pratice.

To do this I think that I am going to need to beg, buy, or trade
something dor a fast 90mm lens. Any ideas?