Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/29

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Subject: Re: Roll Call
From: Bill Larsen <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 19:32:49 -0800

Bill v.Ohlen-Larsen
Porterville, California USA
Age:  53, Married
daughter in high school

New to the LUG.

BA , American Studies, MA, Geography
Photographic training - a couple of weeks in the Army when I was going
through advanced training as a military journalist at Ft. Benjamin
Harrison, Ind. In 1966.  The only time in the Army that I voluntarily
worked 20 hour days.

Occupation:  Land use and environmental planner.  Currently a consultant.

Worst moment of my time as a photo-journalist in the Army:  When the
electronic flash failed to function at an Eagle Scout ceremony which
command had determined was of great importance.  This event almost got met
sent from Germany (a nice climate), to another place (with a  hot,
monsoonal climate).

Leica Equipment:
Leica M3 ss
f.2 50 mm summicron
f.4  90 mm elmar
f .3.5 35 mm summaron  w/ optical rf adapter
visoflex II
f.4 telyet 200 mm

The gray adapter that connects lenses for carrying.  (I don=92t know why the
color is important, but it was mentioned in a post).

A gray-green case Leica case that will carry the M3 w/50mm, and the 90 and
35 mm connected (there is even a cut-out for the optical adapater on the 35
mm).  This shouldn=92t qualify as equipment, but I used to have a case which
would carry everything=85but the center of gravity on the straps was low and
I almost dumped  the cameras and lenses into the ocean once.  (dumped the
case instead).

Various Leica 39 mm filters for bw, and a Leica polarizing filter which has
developed a significant problem (sigh)=85but for which I had never determine
a proper exposure factor anyway.

The camera has recently had its 30-year service=85it had broken a part for
the film counter.  For the next 30-year service, I need a cheaper repair
station.  Of course, I bought the equipment  when of my military journalist
course instructors mentioned that he used a Leica in the Antarctica because
the Nikons froze-up ;-). (and I bought it on the German economy in 1967
which needed an infusion of dollars).

I intend to wear the camera out in the next 30-years.  Maybe then,  the
mechanical equipment will go another 15 without service (unless I go to

This is the ideal news group for me.  I can follow what everyone says=85but
they are light years in experience ahead of me.  Of course, life is not=