Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/27

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Subject: Re: Seaking Info: Small Camera Bags
From: Paul Schliesser <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 20:44:34 -0400

>Possible bags from my magazine/catalog/internet search include the Tenba 
>the Billingham F 5.6  or bags sold by Leica Camera.  I have not (and probably
>cannot) seen many, if any of the bags first hand.  I like the pictures of the
>larger Billingham bags I have seen on the Internet but cannot find much of 
>smaller bags.  I do not know much about Fogg bags either.  I am not too
>concerned about price (with in reason) as most of the prices for the bags 
>I can
>find are acceptable (I cannot find prices for the bags sold buy Leica Camera)


You should consider the Billingham Series 3 bag. It was designed with a 
small rangefinder camera in mind. It's quite a bit smaller than the F 
5.6, and has a section in the front which holds a tabletop tripod 

The bag is not as comfortable to work out of as some of the others you 
mention, but it is small, extremely waterproof and will offer good 

The Alice is another Billingham bag; it's slightly larger, but is smaller 
than the 5.6 and has a flap similar to the Domke bags.

The reversing ring (which holds two lenses back-to-back) is very handy, 
since you can couple two lenses together, and they then can fit in one 
section or pocket without banging around.

You can see pictures of many of the Billinghams, and many other bags, at 
the B&H site:

- - Paul