Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/27

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Subject: Re: Getting serious
From: ted grant <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:24:34 -0500

Donal Philby wrote:

<<<I've had art directors tell me they need medium format for a 1/4
page photo.>>>

Hi Donal,

You bet and all it proves is that "there goes another uneducated and
uninformed art director! :)"

I've had the same experience several times and on one occaision an art
director thought I should shoot both sizes of film during a two week shoot
just in case he wanted really goods images & some OK 35mm "quickie" things!
I told him I thought it was stupid, as the only thing I knew quikie was
what happened in the hay loft on the farm. :)

Of course the moron insisted, so when we got back I explained that an
unfortunate accident of braking hard for a deer on the road threw the  6X7
flying from the back of the vehicle to the front smashing both camera and

So it turned out we only had these "fantastic 35mm" images that were used
in the planned layout of 6 images to a page and more on a couple of them.
So imagine going to the trouble of shooting both sizes of film and the
wasted time considering the size of the printed pages.

I some times wonder what is taught in the "designer schools" when art
directors graduate with the idea that , "big is better."

The bottom line still comes down to the photographer and the quality of his
or her work and handling of the equipment.