Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/17

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Subject: What's the point?????
From: "BIRKEY, DUANE" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 18:38:50 -0500

>I don't see the point for a 24/2 or a 135/2
>(maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the market "niche" is to small)
>but strongly support a 20-35/2,8 ASPH.
>and also a 35-90/2,8 ASPH.-APO.
I>nstead of that I think we have more chance to see =

>a 24/2,8 ASPH. and a 21/2,8 ASPH. in the next months.


Maybe part of Lucien's thoughts or something got lost in 

What's the point of having a 50 Noctilux or a 35 Summilux?

Why doesn't everyone shoot with F/2.8 and f/4 lenses?

I shoot a lot of stuff at 1/60 at f/2,  If I were to shoot at 1/30 at 
f/2.8 it just introduces too much subject and camera motion.  If I was 
using a tripod with non-moving subjects:  a f/8 lens would work fine.

I shoot during seminars and conferences and the 135mm allows me to get 
tight shots without standing in front of the group.  It's great for 
indoor sports or night soccer games too!   The 24mm f/2 is a great 
travel lens and it means all of my lenses are f/2 or faster from 24 to 
135.  When I cover events, I take shots with every lens in the bag and 
it's nice not to have to change shutter speeds.

In my opinion, if there is a market for a 35 f/1.4 why not a 24 f/2???? 
 Maybe it would cost Leica a lot  of R&D to produce.  Canon and Nikon 
have done it,  why can't Leica?  

But than again, they can't seem to make a working motor for the 

Duane Birkey
HCJB World Radio
Quito Ecuador