Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/11

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Subject: Re: R8 Focusing Screen Options?
From: ted grant <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 11:11:55 -0400

Pete wrote:

<<<I am aware of the screen options that Leica has, but rather think that
it  will not solve my problem>>>>>>

Hi Pete:

I've just finished a 6 day shoot on large animal veterinarians in darkened
barns and some tough light level situations.  And as I haven't got my other
two R8's, as I don't want them until the motors are available. However what
I really discovered on real time shooting and not out doing "testing" was
that the "full matt screen was "brilliant" on the R7 compared to the R8's
normal split screen wiggly circle focusing thing.

I have just sent an order to Leica for the full matt for the R8 which I was
going to do and had neglected to do so until now.

The standard screen for what it's worth on the R8 is useless as teets on a
hefer for both macro and long tele shooting.

Why not get the full matt and give it a try and if it doesn't make the
difference you require send it back.

for what it's worth.