Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/02

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Subject: M6! Deceased? :(
From: ted grant <>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 21:30:22 -0400

Hi folks,

After all the talking about my troika of trusty M6 steeds never giving any
grief what so ever for 12 years with nothing more than the occasional wipe
down of a soft cloth, one of the poor critters has come to a grinding
screeching halt! :(

Not from lack of use, as I worked it hard and handled it with the care
afforded a beautiful warm and caring woman who has served me well.  But
alas the shutter speed dial has come to a lock down and refuses to budge,
even though I spoke softly and lovingly with kind words, she merely lay
there locked in the cold clutch of rigor mortis! :(

I cannot complain as she has exposed me well these past years through fire,
around the world and desert storm, rain and snow and vehicle crash, but
like all good things it has come to this.

Lying there lifeless and worn, my favourite M6 of the three! Cold to the
touch as I pack her carefully in the original box entrusting her to
anothers soft and gentle hands. Hope of hopes that she can be revived so I
may feel her closely draped over my shoulder, a live once again.

I just had to share my grief as I've never had a Leica go down in this
condition! :(  I may need a solid single malt scotch to help me through the
night!:)  No and I haven't had any yet! :)

If you have it in your heart please say a little prayer this evening for
her that I will once again have her warm and close to me. :)

hey guys I'm really an old softy and this is like a warm bodied lover.
After all 12 years of care and cuddling does this to you! :)  They are more
than exposers of film. :)