Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/09/27

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Subject: Re: Who use Leica in the world?
From: Thomas Kachadurian <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 23:56:54 -0400

A don't know about you guys, but I run into Leica Ms frequently here in
Michigan. Perhaps we are just more choosey here in the north. Never seen
even one R though.


At 07:43 PM 9/27/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Lucien vD wrote:
>>During my three weeks travel in California, Utah , Nevada etc.., .....
>I had exactly the same experience during my 3 weeks staying in the US
>from Maine to California. I just saw an M3 in the hands of a woman
>photographing a wedding in front of the Cathedral of Chicago. I saw
>Canon and Nikon (don't remember how many) and tons of P&Ss.
>And I have been in Venice and Florence last week: lots of Americans,
>Japaneses, Germans, British, but I have seen no Leicas at all.
>When I bought my M6, few months ago, almost nobody, among my friends,
>knew this brand (BTW ,after seeing the first rolls the popularity has
>Just for comparison (even if not totally consistent): how many times can
>you see a Patek Philippe or a Blancpain at somebody's wrist? Very very
>few, even if they are "the cream" of the mechanical watches. Why? It's
>simple:they make few thousands pieces every year (while Rolex produces
>yearly around 300,000 watches) , so it's very rare to meet one.