Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/09/11

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Subject: Re: Tiltall
From: (Mark Newport)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 97 08:40:39 -0700

>>I saw in an 80's era Leica system brochure (the one
>>where Fred Maroon did all the shots) a photo of a tiltall with a large
>>Leitz Ballhead attached instead of the standard head. I tried to take my
>>std head off but couldn't budge it.
>I picked up that brochure from the Leitz booth at an AV trade show in the
>early 1980s. They also gave me a free silver plastic rain poncho with
>"Leica: the first 35mm camera" printed on the back in red.
>On your Tiltall, I'm pretty sure that if you take the bolt or screw out
>of the front of the collar at the top of the center column, you can
>unscrew the head from the center column.
>- Paul

Thanks Paul, I'll it try again this weekend and report back. It would be
great for supporting my astro binoculars also.