Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/08/04

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Subject: Re: Leica M6 and Contax G2
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 16:50:38 -0400 (EDT)

In einer eMail vom 03.08.97  02:20:14, schreiben Sie:


I don't know why Contax does not make the G2 more expensive. Leica definitely
earns money with every single item they sell. They focus on a group of users
which is willing to pay almost any price to get what they consider to be the
best. If I were Leica, I would never lower prices, as long there are enough
people to pay the prices asked. Let's compare it with a Rolls Royce. This car
costs about 250.000 US$. There are a lot of people who say that the car is
outdated and too expensive (probably they are right). If Rolls Royce decided
to cut the price by 50%, do you think any of them would buy a car for 125.000

If Leica was selling the M6 at a price of a G2, they would have sell twice as
much to have the same income (and probably four times as much to make the
same profit) they have now. Maybe Contax sells the G2 so cheap to have
another drastical advantage before the M6.

I tested the Contax G1 against the Leica M6 and did not like the Contax too
much. My main complaints were:
- - slow and erratic AF
- - dim, low contrast finder
- - no real manual focussing (if AF fails, you can forget about MF too)

Another disadvantage was the limited choice of lenses (3 back then). Besides
this it is a totally different feeling to shoot with a Leica. The thing is
cool and calm. It does not make any single noise before you finally release
the shutter. To me the G1 appeared as something between an ordinary p&s and a
AF-SLR. I think, if I had the money for a G2 equipment, I would buy a SLR
equipment of the same quality instead.

BTW: the results of the G1 were truly comparable with the M6 shots (when the
AF managed to get the pic in focus).