Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/08/03

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Subject: Re: M6 Test Results
From: Detlef Beyer <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 08:35:25 +0200

Hi Ferdinant,

>Using it was cumbersome and each shot took much more time due to focusing
>and adjusting the aperture. It other words, it takes more time to shoot one.
>I don't mind that ....I can live with it & it takes getting used to.

Maybe that's the main reason why you got better images - you concentrated
more on the sujets. Sometime it needs only an inch to the left or to close
the apperture 1/3 to get a good instead of a poor photo. But this rule
affects all cameras and is IMHO much more important then a Leica lens.

>So let me ask you luggers,
>a.) what are the chances of getting an M6 that would immediately need
>attention (adjustment, etc.) in the 1st 6 months of ownership ? in other
>words, after I buy one, what are the chances of it going wrong or having
>defect ?

With my own experiences and those of people I know personaly: 70% chance of
a defect. After reading for some time the LUG: the average is maybe 40%.

>b.) can these adjustments & defect be detected while you are in the store
>playing with it ?

I think in 90% no.

>c.) for as long as I don't drop it, bang it, etc.. what are the chances of
>it to go wrong ? assuming I bought it brand new ?

I got a new one. I'm using it as a tool but I take care of my cameras. I
never had any problems with any other camera I own(ed) - only the M6 for
three times.
Also: it takes a very long time to get the camera back from repair. If you
are using the camera as a pro - this costs you more money than the body or
any lens.

>d.) how different is the new 90/2.8 elmarit vs. the 90/2.8 Elmarit (1980
>built) and the 35/2.0 summicron (new) vs. the 35/1.4 summicron M ? would i
>expect the same results as the ones I got today ?

Beside of the lens quality (IMO the difference is just for the statistics
or a tech freak or for somebody who needs an argument spending so much
money on a Leica) the 1.4/35mm together with the M6 is a very compact
combination. Nearly as compact as a P & S camera.

>e.) Taking the risk of the body going wrong, should I go for it ?

The Leica is different from other cameras - not better - just different. I
love the feeling and it's my no.1 camera. As with your childs: you love
them, but they are not free of problems and will cost you a lot of money.