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Subject: Re: M3 D/S -Reply
From: Dave Stedman <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 06:03:09 -0700

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As I have stated before, I have been "packing" my DS M3 around
for over 40 years now.  I will admit though, I probably go to an
inordinate bother to take care of it.  There isn't any significant (at
least visually) delamination or separation in the rangefinder
glass and mirrors.  No excessive wear in the winding
mechanism as others have stated.  I have two other M3's, one is
a dbl stroke, and the other is a single stroke.  The other dbl
stroke evinces some small amount of wear in the winding
mechanism (back lash in the winding lever) but that's all.  Maybe
the later single stroke's are more robust, but I will take my
original dbl stroke to my grave.

Dave Stedman
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From: Curt Miller  <>
Subject: Re: M3 D/S
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Hi Group -

Any M below sn/965XXX has a different winder head than those built later and
is considerably less reliable, so I hear.  You also have the issue of RF
desilvering and its attendant repair.  I also understand there are a number
of othe internal parts that wear more quickly and are likely to require
replacement soon after you start to use the camera.  I have been admonished
by my trusted guru to save my bucks and buy later bodies.  While initial
cost may be higher, replacement of the aformentioned parts will make the
earlier body more expensive in the end.

Just my 2c worth


>Just like Dave, I am using this weekend to decide about an eventual camera
>buy. I am thinking of a M3, that I can get for $350. I have checked the
>camera, and it is OK technically. The exterior is a "user".
>The thing that makes me hesitate, is that it is one of the last D/S
>variants, with the old shutter times.
>Are there any D/S users  here, who would like to comment how these old M3:s
>are in practical use, compared to the later ones? One thing, that comes to
>my mind, is that the MR-meter cannot be used. Are there any other
>disadvantages to consider?
>Regards, Hans
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