Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/25

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Subject: Re: M use
From: Detlef Beyer <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 16:50:51 +0200

>Detlef wrote:
>>Maybe some Leica lenses are better than lenses from other companies
>Maybe ?!?
>>(I agree that there is something different with the images taken with the
>Thank God, he is not blind !
>>- maybe some lenses are not. But the difference (when you look at a finish
>>image) is so small compared to the difference of a good or a bad
>That is something else. I agree (not really!) for black & white prints made
>with Tri-X and
>Flash as a reporter, not for slides show made with Kodachrome or big prints
>>it's not worth thinking about.
>Do you know that this is a Leica Users Group ??

Hi Lucien,

sharpness is a technical term and does not affect the creativ quality of a
picture. Otherwise you should get all books of Ansel Andams, get yourself a
Sinar, use the Zone system, a special developer, push development... Or
what do you do with your "sharp" but only 1/2 of the possible
brightness/contrast covering images? What I'm trying to say with my
Nikon-english is: the possible difference in quality of a Leica lens will
not, in a remarkable way, change the quality of the resulting image.
Leica got famous with their cameras when they use lenses which, compared to
any modern lens of any brand, today would never get your attention. How did
the photographers in former times get those great images?
I will agree if somebody (like me) choose the M6 because of a special
handling of this camera. But there is no objective reason for the price and
if the Leica lenses are better then a Nikon lens - it doesn't matter in 99%
of all possible cases.
I read some ideas why the R8 is better then a F5 or... For example: a
professional sport photographer will choose a Nikon or a Canon - not
because of the quality or the price - because of the service both companies
offer for a pro photographer. Leica has nothing like this. Did you ever try
to get a Leica back from repair in under 2 month? Nearly impossibel. Try to
rent a special tele lens for the next olympic games - no problem with Nikon
or Canon.

For shure I know that this is a (very active) LUG. But this is not


P.S.: The Fuiji Velvia produces much better results then the Kodachrome
with my M6... for my feeling.