Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/24

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Subject: Re: M use
From: "Ferdinand U. LuDo" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 21:59:07 +0800

 My M6 went for three times
>to repair. Allways the same problem: the shutter does not close completly
>at low speeds. Now the M6 has the same problem again and I have to bring it
>to repair again. Everytime I have to pay "Leica" repair prices and I have
>to wait for some weeks to get the camera back. My bottom plate is scratched
>from the use of the camera - if I would have to replace this little metal
>plate for =A7320 I would get a little bit angry...


I've read your article above & it concerns me greatly.

I've been in this group for about 3 months now wanting to know more about
the M6 since I'm really interested in purchasing one this x'mas. However
there have been several posts similar to yours about the M6 having
problems: film counter problems, rangefinder focusing alignment problems,
and now...the shutter does not close completly at low speeds problem.

In your opinion is it still worth owning an M6 ?? Pls be honest with me
since I'm saving up for this equipment. I currently have a Canon EOS system
and  a Hasselblad. Both have been trouble free. My dream has been to own an
M6 & I don't want to be stuck with something that will give me problems
like the ones I've been hearing from various people including yourself ?=20

I dont mind spending $ on a good system, providing its trouble free or
reliable. But from the sound of the usenet, there just seems to be too many
problems with the M6. I don't know whether their Leicas are new or used,
but I've heard a person having a frame counter problem only 6 months of
use. That is too short of a time to have problems and to think his Leica
was new and lighly used.

I plan on buying a brand new M6 which will eventually have a 28/2.8 or
35/2.0, 50/2.0 and a 90/2.8. THis is quite a hefty investment. I don't
really mind it, but what about the camera reliability and durability and
dependability ?? I know my eos1n has been good as well as my hasselblad.
Knock on wood.. no problems with either system.

Would greatly appreciate your advise,