Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/23

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Subject: Re: M use
From: Detlef Beyer <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 07:33:00 +0200

Bert wrote:

>Well Detlef, where do you shop for Leica stuff? Currently my Summicron 35
>mm lens hood is on the verge of breaking. I already have a brand new one
>sitting in my camera bag in case it does break beyond repair. But I didn't
>pay $80 for it, if I'm not mistaken I payed less than $50. Besides you *do*

Only $50 for this superior quality of plastic?! In Germany you will pay more.

>need this lens hood and I haven't found an alternative lens hood for this
>lens. If you do, tell us all!

I don't know one - I'm just remebering that I had to get a new lens hood
last year and that I had to pay three times as much as I would have to pay
for any other brand. Don't get me wrong - I realy love my M6 and would
never change it. But I'm still objective to Leica products and I'm not
satisfied when paying double prices.

>If you're into cheap photography you've come to the wrong place Detlef.
>Leica equiment has, as you may already know, notoriously high prices.

Bert - if you like to be proud of spending a lot of money for your
equipment (seems to be) and that's your reason to get a Leica (isn't it the
main reason for most of the Leica owner?) - fine. It the same with the
Leica-Filters. First of all it's hard to get them (if your are on
travel...) and then you'll have to pay the special Leica price...

The Leica M6 is my favorite camera and to get it I had to pay the price -
but I will never believe that everything from Leica is worth those

Sorry for my poor english.