Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/14

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Subject: Re: R8
From: "Thomas J. Donovan" <75674.3465@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 14 Jul 97 14:01:32 EDT

Dick Hemingway;

                                        >>How were slides from the R7?<<

Slides from the R7 ( no mirror lock up ) were a lot less sharper than slides
from the 
R8 ( no mirror lock up ); in the lower shutter speeds as stated before.

                        >>How low shutter speeds did you handhold ( R8 )<<

My low light work with the R8 was in the range of 1/15 second; all of these were
hand held, working with my 90mm Elmarit, in the vertical mode. A couple of the
slides were quite nice!

              >>Do you find the R8 as easy to focus in low light as the M6<<

In working with a M6/90, in the vertical mode, I've always had difficulty
getting the focus; in working with the R8/90, it was really much easier for me
than the M6.
I also found a way to handhold the R8/90, in the vertical position, & get
balance; thus, allowing me to shoot with speed & accurate focus. Another rather
neat nuance I've discovered in working with my R8s.

In my judgement ( subjective opinion ;-); the R8 is a very classy SLR for
in available light; however, the M still has those fantastic low light lenses

Which leads to the next topic; my current array of Leica glass:

For my M bodies; a.) 21mm Elmarit. b.) 35 1.4 ASPH. c.) Noctilux. d.) 90
For my R7s & R8s; a.) 24mm Elmarit. b.) 90mm Elmarit. c.) 180 f3.4 APO. d.)
70-180 APO.  e.) 280 f4 APO.

Will I keep my M system...... forever ;-)!  Will I upgrade my R system; you
I will eventually trade my R7s for the R8s!

Hope this info is of interest & don't waste any more time on your R8 decision

Thomas Donovan