Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/12

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Subject: Re: Lack of Demand for R8!
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 12 Jul 97 14:33:59 EDT

Chris noted:

<<<>A couple of days ago, I wanted to see the new 35-75mm R lens. I found that
neither Leica dealer in Boulder carries the R8. Apparently, there is no  demand.
Would someone care to comment on this?

Are there any R8 users out there?>>>>

G'day Chris,

That maybe the case in the little town of Boulder, but it isn't the case in the
rest of the world.

Leica can't keep up with the demand, so if you happen to return to that store
you might point out that they are all wet.

There are photographers like myself who have had one working like hell since
before Christmas '96 and it is the finest R camera produced, not only of the
Leica R's,  but very nearly every other reflex on the market.

And presently I have two more on order to be delivered when the motors are
available, also with a motor on order for the one in hand.

The other folks in the LUG are all aware of how committed I am to this R8
machine, simply because I've used Leica since I was the official photographer on
Noah's Ark. :)  And I can assure you unequivocally that this is the finest
machine produced by Leica in a very long time. Of the reflexes!

Things like the metering system is beyond reproach under the most severe of
light conditions, I shot 12 rolls of film all available light in 8 different
locations on a story the other day and I never used anything other than letting
the camera pick the shutter speeds as I had the camera on "A" priority. And
these were in locations in homes, hospital operating rooms, and in a vehicle
traveling about the city.

Every exposure perfect! That doesn't mean my pictures were perfect:) It just
means the function of the camera meter is flawless!

So please take the line that "there isn't any demand for R8's" with a large does
of salt, as it just isn't true. And because the camera is out on the street now
and other photographers are getting to look through them and get the feel of
them, the demand is going up.

Hope this clarifies the R8 question in Boulder. :)

Victoria, Canada