Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/11

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Subject: LUG discussion makes the news
From: Joe Berenbaum <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 20:41:29 +0100 (BST)

The UK weekly Amateur Photograher has been reading the LUG list it seems,
and has reported on some of the discussion. Here's what they said in their
editorial in the July 12th issue;

quoted text begins --->>>

Leica denies AF SLR plan.

RUMOURS on the US Leica users' Internet site, which claimed that the R8
Leica SLR body was developed in conjunction with Contax as a prelude to
launching a Contax AX-style auto backfocusing system in a future Leica
reflex camera, have been scotched as "wishful thinking" by Leica UK.

The depth of the R8 body is cited as one of the major pointers to this
technological possibility, as is the fact that the R8 deploys an extra
electro magnetic contact in excess to any previous Leica reflexes. But
previous Canon, Minolta and Nikon models have featured extra electronic
contacts which have been put on simply to allow further flexibility in
future technology for passing information between camera and lenses.

The information is just one of a number of scheduled camera rumours on the
US Website but it should not be dismissed out of hand as the the site
correctly predicted the R8 launch date and spec last year.

Leica UK's Peter Melder told us: "I think it's wishful thinking and we have
no intention of collaboration. We always collaborate where there is an
advantage for us, but the Contax system is already out and it's not for us
at this moment in time. However, you never know what's in the future."

<<<--- quoted text ends.

Apparently the writer of this article is new to the internet and can't tell
the difference between an email list and a web page; the truly international
make-up of the subscribers to this list appears to have evaded his notice
altogether. You'd think an editorial journalist in a leading periodical like
AP would try to avoid making a fool of himself with ignorance of basic
internet concepts and terminology, especially if he is simultaneously giving
out the AP "Newsdesk" email address ( for those
who are interested). Steve Fairclough, News Editor, if you're reading this;
a web site is different from an email list. This is an email list, and what
you are reading is an email message. If you still don't understand, ask someone!

And of course, asking Leica UK about this is a little optimistic since they
are often the last to know about Leica's new products, and news of same from
the grapevine is often news indeed to them. I had my Minilux on order from a
dealer before Leica UK had even heard of it! They have to deny rumours of
new equipment until its official, but until then they don't know whether
it's true or not, so asking their opinion is of debatable value. Note how
they didn't exactly rule out the body af option for the future- they can't,
because in all probability, they simply don't know.

Joe Berenbaum