Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/10

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Subject: M4 shutter release height adjustment
From: Tuong Nguyen <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:36:46 +0200

Dear fellow Leica users,

I found out how to adjust my M4 shutter release after the leading 
shutter curtain got loose on my M4.  Perhaps you can use the same 
procedure on your M cameras.  Now the shutter on my camera is more 
sensitive which is what I like.

This is how I adjust the shutter release.

1. Open the bottom plate.
2. Remove the film loading instruction plate.
3. Loose the two screws holding a long, flat, narrow, black metal 
spring (which is about 50 cm/2 inches long.
4. Move the spring back (toward the film plane) slightly (0.5mm).
5. Tighten the screws.

You will find now that the shutter release will be more sensitive than 

Back to the loose shutter curtain.  I don't why it got loose.  Perhaps 
it was due me trying to wind the curtains without forward the film (by 
using release lever and holding the rewind knob).  This procedure was 
recommend by a fellow Leica user previously.

The camera broke down on the first day on a week long holiday in the 
Austrian Alps, and no back up body - it was too heavy to carry a 
second body.
Now I glued back the curtain after two days spent taking apart the 
camera to get to the shutter curtain.  Maybe I will go home and glue 
the second curtain so it will not fail again.

It is great to hear discussions about Leica cameras and lenses from 
other users.  I like to do some street photography, perhaps other 
experience users can give some tips on 
1. Camera handling.
2. Approach people.
3. Avoid from being notice.
4. How to spot great shots.